The Cochran Firm South Florida is one of more than 25 offices located throughout the country for The Cochran Firm – known for being one of the largest plaintiff’s law firms in America. Founding legal giant, Johnnie L. Cochran, made The Cochran Firm into one of the most recognized firms in the nation after expertly defending those accused in a variety of criminal cases, personal injury claims, and civil liberty lawsuits.

In South Florida, The Cochran Firm has been representing military service members who have experienced rights violation under the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act (USERRA). Whether you have been unfairly treated by an employer upon return from military leave or had some employment benefit denied after reinstatement in your job capacity, The Cochran Firm stands ready to proudly represent your case.

USERRA and What it Means to Service Members

A federal law enacted by former President Bill Clinton in 1994, USERRA now protects the employment rights of men and women serving in the Armed Forces. By eliminating the possible detrimental employment effects of leaving the civilian workforce, the government ensured that more men and women would serve in our nation’s military branches.

Upholding and enforcing USERRA rights for the service members in the state of Florida and throughout the nation is a priority for The Cochran Firm South Florida. Obtaining legal justice for these men and women means they can return to civilian life and resume careers and still remain proud of their time spent in military service.

How The Cochran Firm South Florida Can Help With Your Claim

Our experienced attorneys can help answer all of your questions about USERRA claims; answers are often quite complex in USERRA cases. In addressing your specific claim, our experienced military lawyers will research your complaint, uncover the employer/employee history and aggressively defend your rights under USERRA. After all, you have honorably sacrificed for your country, and under USERRA, your employer should treat you fairly upon your return to civilian life.

To learn more about our uniquely qualified USERRA attorneys and how they can help defend your employment rights after return from military leave, please schedule an appointment or call our Florida office today.

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